Mr. President.

And just like that

we all looked up

and eight years was over


For years we watched in awe

as you took an office not created for you.


The laughter

the soulful songs

the human reactions and expressions


We smiled along with your joy

and released tears as you cried.


whether it's widely recognized

or highly debated

You've created a legacy


It seems like the years flew by faster than we realized

and in just a few short days

you'll be the past

and someone else will be in charge


But please know that the posts

the letters

the support

won't stop when your spot is left vacant


You've inspired millions.


Where there was once an imagined person

a fairy tale character

that matched our skin tone

and understood our slang


a person that didn't stop at sympathizing

but took a step further to empathize


A figure that was once only a dream

came to life the moment you took that oath.


The first person I ever voted for

looked like

spoke like

walked like

and sang like me.


A sight for sore eyes he was.


Far from perfect

and even farther from blameless

you made mistakes

you stumbled

you had to retrace a few steps

but you did so with a grace

that will always be admired.


A President that invited change

encouraged hope

and loved the lost.


Thank you for your service

and for your sacrifice.


Thank you for your courage

and your humility.


Thank you for hearing the feedback

and not being destroyed by the criticism.


Thank you for always fighting for us.

and for understanding what I mean by "us."


You are respected.


You are human,


You are missed.


You are our President.