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May we not go to the grave quietly...May we never chase the shiny in place of the holy, the trend instead of the truth, the immediate instead of the eternal. Arrive empty to the grave, having given all you were given and stewarded all you were tasked. Give the grave only bones.
— Jon Acuff

Scales and lbs. 

Wow, you're nowhere near as skinny as I thought!" The words came booming from behind me, flooding my ears and piercing my chest. I was spending the night at a friend's house for the first time and we were just about to get ready for bed.

"What did you say?" I asked as I turned around, pajama pants in hand and riddled with confusion...


Patrick; the anchor. 

It was a Thursday night and for the second week in a row I sat enveloped in tears. Life was heavy again and just like clock work it fell on the same day that it had the week before. My eyes stayed fixed on the patterned tile as tear, after tear, maneuvered it's way down my tired face.  


The Assault rifle Chronicles.

I remember when the Aurora shooting happened. I had been in Colorado for three weeks and I woke up to sound of my phone going off over and over again.

I looked at it and saw a missed call from my mom and messages from friends back home all asking me if I was okay and to call them back. My mind was groggy from sleep and confusion when I decided to google 'Colorado news,' and within seconds I was filled in on the horror that unfolded just a few hours earlier.