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May we not go to the grave quietly...May we never chase the shiny in place of the holy, the trend instead of the truth, the immediate instead of the eternal. Arrive empty to the grave, having given all you were given and stewarded all you were tasked. Give the grave only bones.
— Jon Acuff

Single; the new curse. 

The other day I was in a conversation with some friends and I caught myself discussing why someone in the group was single. We all laughed and smiled as we discussed tactics they could try and ways they could put themselves out there.

 She said "I used to stay off online dating but since you met Patrick that way I'm going to try it." I smiled, feeling kind of proud that I had inspired her recent dating venture and said as I walked away  "I'm sure you'll meet someone soon." 


A life of privilege.

Injustice infuriates me. There aren't many things that make me more angry than seeing people around the world suffering and being treated unfairly. Whether it's human trafficking, systematic oppression, sexism etc..it all makes my skin boil. 

I will openly and without abandon, denounce anything that I think aims to lower a person's self worth. These enemies to self esteem and self value often come in the form of systems....


Love like mine.JPG

A love like mine.

" I will never hide, diminish or suppress my love for you." 

Love is such an interesting beast. It swoops you up, invites you on a wild ride and leaves you feeling upside down, inside out and soaked to the core in joy. Love can make you feel like your experience is one in a million. Like you're the only one, in the whole world, who has ever felt this way about anyone.