The Denver Dreamer

The morning sun shines bright through my window

I'm awake

I can breathe

I'm alive.


The pain of the night before

seems faint and almost unreal

I can't seem to remember

what the tears were for

what the sadness was about.


As I sit up

wipe my eyes

and take a deep breath

the warmth of a new day envelops me.


It's hard to believe but I'm okay

I'm whole

I'm complete

I'm bursting at the seams with love and light.


With this new horizon comes the joy

the hope

the excitement

for the potential that each new day holds


With yesterdays end

comes the promise of today's start

and it's there that I set my eyes

it's there that I place my hope

it's there that I leave the sadness and expectantly embrace the joy.


I'm letting go and it's in that release

that I'm free.